20 Modern Mehndi Designs That Are Trending in 2020-2021

In Indian weddings, mehndi is one of the most auspicious element and is said to be the symbol of love between the bride and the groom. Brides have been putting mehndi since ages now and the styles and ways have changed by the years. Modern bridal mehndi designs consists of various styles and quirky ideas for the new age brides. We have curated a trendy list for you to bookmark!

1. Mehndi with Hashtag

Image via Shades Photography★ 4.5 Hashtags are now a trend everywhere on social media and when it comes to bridal mehndi, they are super in here too! Curating personal hashtags are using in the mehndi seems like a brilliant idea to us!

2. Mehndi Styles for Dog Lovers

Image via Divya Henna To all the Dog Lovers out there! If you too love your furry and comfy companion to the moon and back, then get it doodled on your palms for your wedding. Though your doggo won't get a thing, but then again it doesn't matter. It's love is unconditional!

3. Minion Mehndi Designs

Image via Manvi Gandotra If unique things are something you love, then this idea is for you! Minion figurines in your mehndi would give you an element of cuteness fun and you will be complimented, a LOT- for sure!

 4. With Figurines

Image via Raju Mehandi Artist★ 4.9 Drawing figurines is all cool and traditional now, but did you notice the vows written in english in this mehndi? This is a modern way where brides can write a wedding vow or their personal vow in the henna design in any language they want because love has no language!  

5. Modern Mehndi Design for Travel Lover

Image via Candid Wedding Stories Wanderlust? If you are a wanderer too, and absolutely love to be one, why not show it in your bridal mehendi? Get the world map and a compass drawn to your mehndi design. It would be super cool and fun to watch!

6. GOT Fan?

Image via Alankritaa If you are a GOT fan, or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan or may be a Potterhead,  then this idea is just for you! Get the symbol and may be a quote from the series on your mehendi and trust us, everybody's mind will be BLOWN.

7. Intricate Modern Mehndi Design

Image via Bridal Mehendi Trivandrum by Devaky★ 5 If you the bride who wanna keep it the traditional way, then this design is for you. It is an intricate bridal mehndi design with the Arabic touch to it and is a full hand modern mehndi design that covers almost all the space. Leave the top parts of the fingers empty for a polished look.

8. Modern Arabic Touch

Image via Aayat's Mehendi Studio★ 2.5 This is a very old mehendi style with a new style arabic touch to it. Use this design on the back of your hand instead of your palm and draw Heena bracelets for a fresh, captivating Mehndi design.

9. Mehndi with Bride & Groom Figures

Image via Candid Wedding Stories★ 5 Since a few years, it is a vogue to draw bride and groom in the modern mehendi design. But if you want to make it cute and new at the same time, opt for drawing cartoon figurines or little caricatures instead of proper mahogany kind of designs for a fashionable look.

10. With Symmetry

Image via Rinku Mehandi Arts ★ 4.9 In love with symmetry? Do you like everything to be exact and aligned? Then why compromise with your Mehndi Design? Go for a geometrical mehendi and keep the design of both the hands just the same! In perfect symmetry, your groom and your mehendi!

11. With Initials

Image via Parnadeep Mukherjee This is such a new and crazy modern bridal mehndi design to try! The designs are intricate but yet spacious and breathy and the initials of the bride and groom right in the middle of the palm look beautiful!

12. Full hands Mehndi with a modern touch

Image via Red Veds Yes! Full arm mehndi is a trend too. While earlier it was about till the elbows and probably a henna tattoo for the arm, but now a row of mehndi designs from the finger tips up till almost your shoulders (without any space) is a fashion too! Check this out for more such traditional mehndi designs for full hands.

13. Jaal designs for Feet

Image via The Wow Weddings★ 5 Earlier, the jaal designs were used to fill up extra space. Now, they are drawn with more details and as main designs! This breathtaking jaal design conveys our message perfectly!

14. Jaal designs for Hands

Image via LightBucket Productions★ 4.9 This too is a Jaal design used on the palms as the main and in fact the only design and we think it looks absolutely stunning! Jaals are the new trend!

15. Quirky Parrot chain designs

Image via Pinterest A little quirk with the old designs never hurt! While earlier, making heart chains was pretty common in bridal Mehndi designs, so how about replacing it with a parrot chain! Some cute parrot figurines would look really good especially on the back of your hand.

16. Modern Arabic style

via Tasneem Mehendi Designs Pay special attention on the fingers. Aren't the designs just flawless? These arabic style designs are more complicated and fine on the fingers and gives space on the palms. The finger designs are very finely drawn and might take a lot of time but the are as pretty as a picture hanging from the fixture!

17. With Baraat

Image via Morvi Images Photography★ 5 If you want the whole of the baraat on your palms, who's stopping you? This design used full hands to draw the whole baraat possession from the groom on Ghodi to the groom's squad to the chariot carriers to the trumpet and Dhol players! Super cool, isn't it?

18. Elephant Motifs

Image via Subodh Bajpai Photography This design is special, because elephant designs are often used on palms, but now a days, they are used on feet and it looks heavenly! A big elephant figurine on top beautifies the whole henna and looks awesome!

19. Jaimala scenes

Image via Kundan Mehendi Artist★ 4.6 If you are inclined the traditional way and your budget is little on the higher side, then this design is for you. This modern mehndi design portrays the whole Jaimala scene, where the Groom arives on the "Ghodi" and the bride arrives on the "Doli" and then both put flower garlands around each other's neck.

20. Fun Mehndi designs

Image via Video Tailors This quirky Mehendi designs portrays all the chill on the bride's face. It's your wedding, and you should be the happiest of course! 
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