30+ Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs For Brides To Be

Whenever we think of a Maharashtrian bride, our first goes to the song ‘Apsara Aali’. The celestial looks of a Marathi bride always tends to unfailingly bewitch us. If you ask us what adds to their grace, we will tell you it is the gorgeous Maharashtrian jewellery. To nail the signature Maharashtrian bridal look, the Maharashtrian jewellery designs play a key role. And here we have some of the most traditional Maharashtrian jewellery designs for brides-to-be.

Just as the name suggests, Lakshmi haar is actually the coin harams but are the longer version of it. All the coins in the Lakshmi haar have embossed motifs of goddess Lakshmi. This necklace holds a high value as it signifies wealth and prosperity of the family. In fact, this is the reason why, most brides-to-be are gifted with the Lakshmi haar on the wedding day as it signifies that the bride brings home prosperity.

Bakuli Haar

Bakuli Haar is yet another top favorites amongst the Maharashtrian jewellery designs. This lengthy necklace comes with 2 or 3 layers of strings. These layers are made of small flowers which signifies that something new is about to blossom. It looks extremely stunning and unique.


Thushi is a traditional Maharashtrian choker that is designed to fit snugly around the neck. It is made of small golden beads that are interwoven into each other and held together by an adjustable thread at the back. The adjustable dori lets you wear this neckpiece loose or tight, depending on how you want to style it. This is one of the most popular Maharashtrian jewelleries and is preferred to be worn for almost every occasion or festival.

Tanmani / Chinchpeti

Tanmani and Chinchpeti are the Maharashtrian jewellery that are made of pearls. Chinchpeti is usually the short necklace which is worn as a choker. While Tanmani is the long necklace with multistrands of pearls and a statement gemstone encrusted pendant in the center. This pendant mostly comes in pink or red stones, but nowadays also comes in Navratna or green stones. Both Chichpeti and Tanmani are often worn together in a layering styling. Tanmani comes with an adjustable dori at the back allowing you to wear it at the length of your choice.

Mohan Maal

Mohan maal is yet another beautiful Maharashtrian jewellery that adds up to a stunning Marathi bridal look. It is a multi-layered necklace made of small round golden beads. The layers can vary from 2 to 8 strings and looks luxurious. It usually has side or center pendants which are embellished with various designs. It comes in various lengths and can be used for layering with other necklaces or multiple lengths of mohal maal itself. Multi-layered mohan maal are very commonly used by women for a richer, bolder look.



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