Best Affordable European Destinations For Your Honeymoon

Yes, we all would like to do Europe on a budget but that doesn’t mean that you have to crimp on the good stuff. From cheap theatre tickets to 2 euros beers, we’ve got the list of the cheapest places that you can hop to - if you're as obsessed with Europe as us!

Prague, The Czech Republic

Believe it or not, Prague isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but you’ll still find the Czech Republic to be a good value for money. Home of Pilsner/ Pilsen, you can still pick up a beer for as little as Rs 170. Bargain! Psstt.. don't miss out on trying Trdelnik.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest really is fabulous and is one of the few continental hubs that won’t burn a hole in your already burning pockets. A day at a spa in this part of the world will only set you back a very doable Rs 2500. We are packing our bags already!

Florence, Italy

Well, it is safe to say that Florence is not extremely cheap but it is not expensive either. So, if Italy is on your mind, then you should add Florence to your honeymoon wishlist. A concoction of artsy vibes with satiating delicacies, this place is an architecture lover's living dream. Book your stay in the outskirts to save the accommodation costs, and explore the city by doing a walking tour.

Gdansk, Poland

Yes, Poland can be cheap! There’s lots of history in this gritty port town on the Baltic Riviera.  This is a perfect place if you are looking for party shenanigans and perfect Kodak moments!

Vilnius, Lithuania

East Europe may be unknown but it's definitely worth a visit. We agree that it is significantly less touristy than many other Eastern European cities, Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius is one of the best low-cost destinations in the Baltic states.

Sofia, Bulgaria

We were intrigued when we saw Alia Bhatt shooting in this location. Sofia, nestled in the heart of western Bulgaria against the backdrop of the majestic Vitosha Mountain may be one of Europe’s cheapest capitals to visit. How amazing is that? For tourists who like to travel in style, there are plenty of affordable multi-starred hotels alongside many inexpensive, yet upscale restaurants serving classic, authentic Bulgarian cuisine.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s lovely capital Lisbon is doable on a shoestring budget. Modest accommodation gets the luxury treatment at locales like The Independente Hostel from as little as Rs 3500 per night (breakfast included). And on the first Sunday of each month, many of Lisbon’s main attractions – the Torre de Belém and the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga offer free entry!

Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

You may not have heard of them outside your history textbooks but Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo, has truly risen from the war ashes and is today a cosmopolitan city home to a rich history as well as vibrant nightlife. Make sure to indulge in some of Sarajevo’s deliciously cheap ćevapi, Bosnia, and Herzegovina’s national dishes.

Warsaw, Poland

You will always find Krakow more famous than Warsaw but don’t dismiss it yet! Many of Warsaw’s museums and art galleries, including the National Museum and the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, cost less than Rs 1000 to visit while catching a ballet or opera performance at the Teatr Wielki can cost as little as Rs 1500.

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