Cost Of Planning A Destination Wedding in Jaipur

A destination wedding in Jaipur is more than just a ‘get-away’ from the chaotic life of metro cities or a sightseeing visit. A highly popular tourist city; Jaipur has also gained a reputation for being a fantastic destination to host weddings in the past decade. While we find many couples looking for sandy beaches by the sea for a beach destination wedding, there is in fact a large number of young millennial couples who crave the history, heritage, royalty and traditional setup that one can witness at the authentic Rajasthani weddings. The palaces and lakes, all embraced by the narrative of the yesteryears and by the rich culture, are a charm that attracts to-be-weds who want to make sure their wedding day is all things majestic and remarkable.

The main concept behind a destination wedding in Jaipur is to be amidst the rich culture and heritage of the state while being able to carry forth your traditions during the wedding. Rajasthani folk music and dances, traditional cuisines, colourful clothes and fabrics, palaces and heritage sites mark Jaipur as a distinct destination for something as spectacular as a wedding. With people from across the world visiting Jaipur and the many gems it is home to, the number of resorts, 4 and 5-star hotels has also increased. In fact, many of these properties once used to be a palace or a fort and has now opened up for you to host your dream wedding.

Another distinct factor that makes Jaipur a sought-after wedding destination is the easy connectivity from different cities along with the easy accessibility you can enjoy within the city. With all major airlines offering multiple flights to and from Jaipur and the road connectivity via buses, cars and taxis; wedding parties can easily plan their travels at their own convenience.

And of course, the biggest concept behind a destination wedding in Jaipur is the rise in wedding planning conveniences in terms of vendors, decorators and caterers that offer the finest details in making a wedding, a successful and memorable one.

Destination Wedding Cost in Jaipur

The wedding season commences in the month of November and lasts till February - owing to the pleasant weather one witnesses in this area during Indian winters. There are certain indoor weddings that take place during the other months, but most of them are not destination weddings because the temperatures reach a soaring 55°C during summers here. 

This makes November to February a peak wedding season every year for destination weddings in Jaipur and if you are planning a wedding during this time - you must plan a budget of INR 30 lakhs to INR 90 lakhs. For most destination weddings in Jaipur that were hosted with a guest list of 130-150 people, this has been the cut.

The budget of course depends on how simple or how lavish you want your wedding celebrations to be. The guest list plays a very significant role here. However, we have also known of couples who have planned an intimate wedding with less than 50 people in Jaipur, who have had to spend INR 40 lakhs or more. On the other hand, couples have often planned a very pocket-friendly wedding in Jaipur for less than INR 10 lakhs. While all of these costs are highly variable based on multiple factors, an average of INR 30 lakhs can be considered a minimum wedding budget for a 100-150 people destination wedding in Jaipur. 

A destination wedding can always double as your dream vacation where you would get to spend time with your family and close friends. When you choose an architectural opulent and culturally rich city like Jaipur for your wedding festivities, a wedding celebration imbibing grandiosity is what you would surely want. To ensure that you get your dream destination wedding in Jaipur, here are a few points to consider for planning it in a flawless manner:

  1. Pick a date - If you wish to plan a destination wedding, always go for dates around holidays or weekends where you can be assured of the availability of your guests and family members, as it is a celebration where you would want to be with them.
  2. Decide your venue - Always choose a venue which you like as it is the celebration of your big day and the one that can cater to all of your planning needs. This would be the backdrop for a lifelong of memories that you would look back on, so it is better to choose wisely.
  3. Keep the budget in check - Though a destination wedding calls for spending big, you need not go overboard with spending a lot. Instead, choose to invest in local vendors who can help you plan and organise your wedding festivities in a better manner.
  4. Notify your guests - Send out your wedding invitations well in time so that more and more people can be a part of your wedding celebrations.
  5. Arrive early - It is best to arrive early to go through all the preparations and details in person while exploring the event spaces that can suit your wedding functions.
  6. Hire a pro - It is important to choose your wedding vendors wisely who can provide you with professional assistance.
  7. Tailor your wedding outfit to the destination - You would not want to sweat in the scorching heat and ruin your mood on your wedding day. As the temperature in Jaipur is usually high, opt for breathable clothes. 
  8. Contingency plans - Always think ahead of time and plan a backup, in case something goes wrong. The possibility of something going wrong is always high irrespective of the fact that it is a destination wedding in Jaipur or a residential one in your city. Backups are the best!
  9. Be considerate - As it is a destination wedding, you should be comfortable that not all of your wedding guests would be able to attend your celebrations.
  10. Keep an extra/buffer day - With days of celebrations, you and all of your guests would need time to relax and plan for their departure, or better to explore the city.

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