With Love From Taj - Pre Wedding Engagement

What do DDLJ, Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai and K3G have in common? Shah Rukh Khan? Well that, and the fanboyism of Niti! Niti, a Bollywood fangirl who always had this vision of making photos in the filmiest style one fine day wrote to me about this and I immediately knew that for once, I’d have the opportunity to create exactly what I’ve always wanted to! We did tons of planning, lots of permutations and combinations, travel arrangements and everything else together and I’m going to take you along to show you what came out as the result. Kabir, on the very early morning which was our schedule to shoot at the Taj Mahal told us about his secret plan that he had in store to surprise Niti and we had to keep everything undercover while making everything else seem normal. What was it? We’ll see later 🙂 So that fine morning there was Niti in her gorgeous yellow lehenga, Kabir in his ethnic sherwani, the epic Taj Mahal filled in the background, subtle winds flew and this is what we made..

With every passing minute, the sun was rising from the horizon. And turned out, we planned it just right too!

With the colossal Taj Mahal filling the background, shooting Niti and Kabir was absolutely surreal. With sunlight hitting just Niti’s eyes, I loved how this one turned out.

And as the sun ascended further, it was time for some more fun! 😀

And how could we’ve missed Niti’s favorite DDLJ sequence once we were inside the Taj Mahal?

And while in most places we either dodged the tourists or chose the spots with less of them, there was a time where we just couldn’t. So I thought I might as well treat it as an opportunity 🙂

And that concluded our morning session of the shoot. Dead tired, we headed for lunch and little nap before going for the Plan B. However, there was another Plan B of Kabir which I told you about before. And the plan was to go down on his knee in front of the Taj Mahal and sweep Niti off her feet. The whole day we created our own code language that Niti didn’t understand and at the perfect spot and moment, it was time!

Niti had absolutely no idea about this.

  And that was Niti & Kabir. One of the most fun people I’ve ever worked with. And I can’t wait to shoot their wedding and create another Bollywood saga of its own kind 😀

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